How to Run QlikView in Excel

QVExcelIndustrial CodeBox has a great tool that allows users to work with Qlikview data and objects in Excel. As Qlikster says:

Excel hell still predominates. IT might hate Microsoft Excel, but it really is the choice of tool for most businesspeople. They love the freedom and individual choice it confers on them – even though it can create multiple versions of the truth. Best advice: accept the fact that users want Excel, introduce best practices, and ensure that all instances of Excel run against a single version of the truth. Spreadmarts aren’t management’s or non-Microsoft vendors’ flavour of the day, but users can’t be fought forever.

QV Apps goes on to say:

QVExcel is an excellent solution especially if you want to lower the barrier for change within your organisation. QVExcel has a rich set of features that enables you to create highly customised reports within Excel, but with the power of QlikViewbehind it. QVExcel installs as an Excel Add-In, so that it’s available within Excel at all times and QlikView data is quickly accessible. There is no need to launch another application or process the data from QlikView before it gets into Excel.

QVExcel has some great product information and screen shots.


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