Qlikview 9 Server with IIS on a Windows 2003 Server

IISMicrosoft IIS is often used as the webserver to serve up Qlikview pages using Qlikview Server. QQQ blog has some good tips for configuration of the Qlikview Server using IIS. This is applicable for QV 9 on a Windows 2003 Server. If your installation is fairly simple (no alternate websites, etc.), you may want to use the standard QV Webserver that is included with Qlikview Server.

In some situations IIS needs to do the webserver part. With Qlikview 9, the setup for such an environment slightly changed from previous versions. This how to explains to setup Qlikview 9 with IIS on a Windows 2003 machine.

First thing to do is setting up a Windows 2003 server and install IIS. After that, make sure the machine is fully patched. Make sure you have a local account with administrative rights and can reach http://localhost…

Matt Floyd‘s insight:

Installing Windows Server/IIS with Qlikview Server 9 is a bit more complex than using the canned QV Webserver, but it allows more flexibility in security and opens the possibilities of having multiple websites (or test and prod access points).

See on www.quickqlearqool.nl


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