Avoiding Fuzzy Images when Exporting Qlikview Charts

RegularVsSpecialPasteYou know how when you paste Qlikview objects like that fancy bar chart into your PowerPoints, it displays fuzzy? For me, it was hit and miss and I always had to waste time figuring it out each time. Well, it’s all about paste special, people.  Tip of Hat to Barry.

A short post today on an ‘annoyance’ that invariably pops up at my clients; when copy and pasting images of QlikView objects into their PowerPoint presentation or Word document, the images look blurry and slightly out of focus.Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve this. Instead of using the regular paste option, use paste special to paste the image as a bitmap.

Matt Floyd‘s insight:

This method can be used for exporting/copy-paste into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Excel — among others. Handy for preparing those management presentations.

See on www.qlikfix.com


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