“Q” — Your Business Discovery (Qlikview) Personal Assistant 1

VoiceRecognitionQlikView extension objects example with speech input and audio capabilities: Elif Tutuk of Qlikview created a great voice recognition application in Qlikview (or I should say voice recognition enabled application in Qlikview). She says:

A couple days ago, we were talking about Siri at lunch. Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that is available on iPhone 4S. It helps you get things done just by asking ― by using your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, look up information, and more. After that lunch conversation, I started to think how nice it would be to have a personal assistant in QlikView, one that would allow me to use my voice to do Business Discovery. I’d like it to talk back to me and guide me through the data to reveal the informationI need for decision making.

Then I started thinking that QlikView already has all of the pieces needed to get this working. It has extension objects capabilities, which can run custom code from QlikView to get the voice commands working. It also has text box capabilities to automatically generate the voice script with the data for the assistant’s audio. I thought about using free text to speech software to convert the text to audio.

So I did a little research on HTML5 and sat down with QlikView. Within about two days, I built a prototype. I got so excited about it that I gave my personal assistant a name: “Q.” Check out this video. I posted the QlikView application and technical information about creating the speech input and audio extension objects with HTML5.

See on www.youtube.com

  • Hari

    Hi Matt, wonderful..:) I like speech recognition.. I wish to give a try, can you help me in that extension. Email: hariharasudan.ceg@gmail.com

    I have a question, will that work only in chrome ? Not in Ipad or safari browser ?


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