Ways to Ask Questions with QlikView: Good End User Video

Moments+of+Discovery+with+QlikViewI recently sent this video to a Qlikview end user who was having trouble choosing Qlikview over legacy Excel charting. It’s brief and it gives a nice tour of the end user experience. From Qlikview:

You can ask streams of questions in many ways with QlikView. Do a search — either a direct search or an indirect one (e.g., searching in the “sales reps” field for “beer” to find out which reps who have sold beer and which reps have not). Select values in list boxes and choose calendar dates. Move sliders around. Lasso sections of charts or maps (say, a scatter or bar chart or a map of Asia). Click on specific places in charts to zoom right in. Choose groupings of data you want to compare. Seeing is believing!

See on www.youtube.com


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