A Qlikview Seeing is Believing Meeting

superqlikI love this gem from Ed Bobrin, at QlikDecision blog. It outlines a typical meeting he has with a potential client staff, and his breakdown of a seeing-is-believing meeting with them.

I just came out of a meeting with a prospective customer (not to be named).  Somewhat of a typical meeting with a group of relatively junior IT/BI professionals – all over the place.  The group did the typical beating of the chest about how tools they have today are so good.  Rapid fire questions from all angles quickly sabotage of any kind of flow or sequence that I had in mind for my presentation.  Quick on our feet… In the end it was all good.  They want to see more.The challenge presented to me for the next meeting is to show them the ‘Business Discovery’ Development Life Cycle for QlikView.  ETL to Dashboard, Development/Reporting, Publishing of documents, etc…..  Oh, and make the app mobile!  Time allocated for our meeting 2 hours.  Now, some would sweat…

See on qlikdecision.blogspot.com


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