The future of BI in two words: Qlikview and Tableau

qv vs tableauTed Cuzzillo from DataDoodle shares a similar thought I’ve had for years. I haven’t reconciled it entirely either. On a recent talk with a hospital BI staff, I was asked if I can compare and contract Tableau and Qlikview. My response was that Tableau is more of a data discovery, free wheeling tool, and Qlikview was more of an engine of data analysis. But that wasn’t quite right, either. I like Ted’s explanation better:

What’s the future of BI? Last fall, one sharp source of mine answered, “Two words: Tableau and QlikView. You didn’t hear it here.”

Those are startling words coming from that source, a well-regarded BI consultant known for big-name clients and their big deployments.

At about the same time, a column of mine appeared in Information Management titled “Don’t call it BI” — in which I mentioned Tableau and a few smaller tools. A reader emailed, “You should also become familiar with QlikView.”

My many Tableau-using friends say QlikView is hardly worth a look. Poor visualization! Control panels! Scripting! “It’s so — yesterday,” one emails.

It’s “yesterday” to some yet it’s the future to others. It’s time for a look.

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