QlikView Design Blog : Why don’t my dates work?

Green calendar icon isolated on whiteHenric Cronström of the Qlikview Design blog writes about how, often, dates do not properly work in Qlikview. This blog article does a fantastic job in explaining what’s happening with those rogue dates.

A common recurring question on the QlikCommunity forum is around dates that don’t work. Here follows a help on fixing the three most common causes. If you encounter such a question on the forum, just link to this post in your answer.

1. Incorrect Date Interpretation
When data is loaded into QlikView, dates are often read as strings. QlikView then tries to recognize a pattern in the string that looks like the date format specified in the DateFormat environment variable. This sometimes fails and then you need to use the Date#() function to help QlikView understand that it is a date…

2. Linking integer dates with fractional dates
You have a date in two different tables, and you want to use this date as a key, but it doesn’t seem to work. Then you should suspect that you have true dates (integers) in one table and timestamps (fractional numbers) in the other, but the formatting of the dates hides this fact…

3. Incorrect date comparisons
The most subtle error is however the one with timestamps in comparisons, e.g.

… Where Date = ‘2011-12-31’;…

See on community.qlikview.com


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