Using QV Extensions: Change the green selection color

AnyColourAsLongAsItsGreenBarry Harmsen,  from the QlikFix blog, wrote an excellent post about using an QV extension to change aspects of QV documents on the Ajax deployment, or web view of QV. Barry writes:

Today I read the blog post “Green Is The Colour” by Henric Cronström on QlikTech’s Business Discovery Blog. In this post, Henric points to the fact that, while green may be QlikView’s signature colour, it is the unassociated, gray values that are a crucial part of the discovery process.

Inspired by Henric’s post I decided to create a small document extension that let’s you change the selection colour to whatever colour you like! The video below shows a blue colour scheme applied to the Movies Database application. You can easily change these colours by modifying the NoGreen.CSS file in the extension directory.

So Barry created an extension for qlikview documents, so you can change the selection color from green to whatever you like. More about Qlikview extensions can be found here. Probably the most documentation you will find on the subject. QV 11 has opened up some new opportunities in terms of extension creation. Again, back to Barry:

Before we look at the various extension tutorials, documentation and examples, let’s first have a quick look at what extensions are, what types there are and how they can be used in QlikView.

In QlikView 9, if you wanted to develop a custom visualization you had to use the QlikView Workbench and move your entire QlikView deployment to a .NET based website. For many organizations this was a bridge too far, creating a completely custom QlikView environment for only a single visualization is a hard business case to make. The other alternative was creating a custom OCX control, but those only work in QlikView Desktop and the plugin, and are far from future-proof.

Here is a short video showing the color change from green to blue, in the Movies Database QV app. Great job Barry!


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