Qlikview Expressor to end Qlikview Scripting?

QVTransformOperatorLove this article about Qlikview’s acquisition of Expressor. Great headline — no more scripting! I doubt it — but an inline ETL tool like Expressor should help with one of Qlikview’s main problems as a BI tool, as expressed in the article:

One of the biggest shortcomings of QlikTech’s current QlikView product is the lack of a metadata layer, and it’s a drawback that has led to deals being lost to competitors such as Tableau and Tibco Spotfire. Customers have to use scripts to extract data from source systems or a data warehouse and load into QlikView’s in-memory engine. Calculations (which QlikView calls expressions) are specific to each sheet within a dashboard application. So if the extraction, transformations, and calculations for a widely used measure such as “Customer Churn” change, a designer might have to change a lot of scripts and sheets. Some designers foster re-usability through shared scripts, but it’s a work around.

UPDATE: Here’s a good video from Qlikview that details how to use Expressor with Qlikview. It seems like fairly standard ETL development (a la Informatica). Good stuff and should be a real competitive advantage for Qlikview.


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