How to Lose the Legend in Qlikview Line Charts

NoLegendonLineChartGregor Aisch and Stephen Redmond have been taking cues from Tufte when they set out to get rid of legends on line charts. It’s all about the ink-to-data ratio, you know (Tufte).

Gregor says:

Separate legends are the worst-case scenario in the line chart world. Often one can find the legend below the chart, or in an arbitrary order. You want to allow instant identification of the lines, but forcing the viewers to look them up in a legend takes way too much time. Instead you should put the labels somewhere close to the lines.

So Stephen Redmond picked up with Qlikview on this notion of getting rid of the legend in line charts — something not native to Qlikview, but he has a workaround:

The “default” option in QlikView is to have a legend in the line chart.  The problem being that the user has to look to the legend then look back to the chart – which can cause difficultly, especially as the number of lines increases.

To change this, we can make use of the Value on Data Point option and using Dual in the expression.

Nice work, Stephen!


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