QlikView Governance Dashboard

expressor governance dashboardQlikview is offering a Qlikview Governance Dashboard to allow monitoring all aspects of the QV files, server, users, and performance.

Qlikview says:

QlikView administrators have frequently sought out tools to help them meet the demands of their growing and successful QlikView deployment. These demands include; keeping up with the changes in their data sources, validating new applications being added to AccessPoint, purging out-of-date applications, and dealing with multiple definitions of common business metrics such as gross margin, unit cost and so on.

The QlikView Governance Dashboard provides an elegant solution to these challenges. It is a free QlikView application available on QlikMarket that delivers a 360 degree view of any QlikView deployment (starting with version 11.0 and up). Created using QlikView and QlikView Expressor technology, the QlikView Governance Dashboard focuses on managing and understanding the QlikView environment, now giving QlikView and IT professionals the means to discover how QlikView is being used across the estate. Armed with this insight they can ensure that QlikView deployments grow more efficiency and can also ensure that the impact of QlikView Business Discovery is maximized. The information provided by the Dashboard helps to introduce a more manageable and repeatable process when developing QlikView applications and addressing data lineage and impact analysis type questions, helping to optimize any QlikView investment.

They also have produced a nice video describing the Governance Dashboard.


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