Gartner Magic Quadrant Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms 2013


Gartner released their latest Magic Quadrant for BI last month. My thoughts as I when reading through the document: Microsoft has shot right up and given the massive disparity in pricing between th…


Matt Floyd‘s insight:

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics for 2013 has been released, and it’s no wonder that my favorite analytics packages, Qlikview and Tableau made the cut this year. What’s surprising to me (but shouldn’t be) is Tibco Spotfire is also in the quadrant. It’s a package I recently downloaded as a result of a discussion with BI leaders at a local hospital. Last year, Gartner said this about Tibco Spotfire:

“Tibco Spotfire has among the highest complexity of user analysis score than any vendor on the Magic Quadrant, while at the same time customers rate it above average on ease of use, particularly for end users. This paradox typifies why data discovery tools in general, and Tibco Spotfire in particular, are so compelling and are proliferating.”

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