QV Mailer_medThe third-party product, QV Mailer, came into my radar recently when I was exploring ways to send data out from Qlikview as an email attachment (to users without Qlikview). From the QVMailer site:

QVMailer allows you to send QlikView reports via mail automatically to any recipient WITHOUT the QlikView-Publisher. Additionally to scheduling the time when reports should be sent (daily, weekly, monthly) you can also filter the reports by QlikView list box selections – individually per recipient.

QVMailer needs the QlikView server and an MS SQL database instance (also MS SQL express) to function. Adjusting the settings of QVMailer can be done with a lightweight browser-based graphical user interface.

Matt Floyd‘s insight:

Seems like a great program for mailing a PDF version of a QVW. I’m going to try the trial copy on my local SQL Server database and see how it works. Will give an update at some point.

See on www.qvmailer.com


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