Disabling the Qlikview Toolbar and Right-Click Context Menu in the AJAX Client 2

Ran into an issue this week, and solutions, for commonly asked questions:


  1. How do I disable the Qlikview toolbar for AJAX clients?
  2. How do I disable the right-click context menu for AJAX clients?


Depends — there are several solutions, from editing a javascript file to macros to editing the opendoc.htm file in Qlikview server, then setting that file to open when the QV application is open.

Toolbar disabling:

For Qlikview 11 Server, the opendoc.htm is in the following location:

D:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewAjax

Open this file in Notepad, and comment out the div section handling the toolbar. It’s the part like this:

<div avq=”toolbar:.StandardActions” id=”QvAjaxToolbar”>

Start the comment right before the “<div… and end it after the entire code block for that div. Like so:

Disabling QV Toolbar in AJAX


Assigning Opendoc.htm to the QVW

You will then need to assign this .htm file to open when the QVW document opens with AJAX. You do this in Qlikview Server, Documents tab. From there, it depends what version you are running. For this example, I made a copy of the opendoc.htm file and called it opendocnotoolbar.htm, and added the above commenting out of the toolbar. Then set the proper QVW to open in the Documents>User Documents tab in QVS. Here’s the URL field location in Qlikview Server 10:

Qlikview Server 10 Opendoc.htm


And here’s Qlikview Server 11:



Disabling the right-click context menu in QV apps in AJAX

Sometimes you want to limit the amount of flexibility for users and disable the right-click aspects of the context menu. To disable this (no context menu on either objects or the sheet), there are a few options. I like to handle this through the Opendoc.htm file as well as we did above. To disable the context menu, just add this block of code just about 5 lines after the commented out code above, right after the script type=”text/javascript” line.

Qva.HideContextMenu = function(a) {
    Qva.DefaultOnCreateContextMenu = function (i, a, j, d, g) {
Qva.OnCreateContextDropDown = function (i, a, k, d, g) {
Qva.ShowContextDialog = function(c, g, i) {

  • Mike

    Great tutorial! Any idas how to customize the toolbar?

  • Mohamed Jubair

    Great Tutorial and it was very useful for Developers like me.One thing i really amazed about QlikView is that it is capable of bringng different business insights for different scenarios. I has been used for various Industrial segments like Healthcare, Pharma, Retail and Education

    QlikView for Education


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