Checking on the Listener

If users can not connect to the database, how can you see if the listener is actually running? The best way is to issue the command lsnrctl status. Another way is to look for the process to see if it is running (either in Windows Task Manager or by issuing the unix command ps-ef). We ...

Qlikview Scripting Tips: Creating a master calendar

Great tutorials on creating a master calendar in Qlikview. One of the most common problems to solve in data modeling is that of time: how do you assign month name and other time attributes to a date?  The solution is called a master calendar. QQQ has some design tips at this post: Sometimes when working with ...

Qlikview Scripting Tips: Using Tabs in Script Editor

The QQQ blog has good basic tips on the best use of tabs in Qlikview scripts. This post with tips is about scripting. How to set up your scripts initially and keep them maintanable and sustainable, so that other developers can find their way in your script and to set some sort of standard. One ...

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